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Sites – May 2007

May, 2007
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Strange Matter Exhibit
Use all the free time your kids will now have on their hands as an opportunity for enrichment. Sure, dry academic resources may not be very apt for summer, but Strange Matter is the kind of learning experience the younger among us can easily relate to. The core principle here is physics [...]

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Books - May 2007

May, 2007
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The Night Before Summer Camp
Being away from home and family has the protagonist of this cute story completely nervous as he embarks on his first summer camp. Most likely a lot of Little Stars will be in this very same situation in the coming summer, and so it’s very reassuring that the book [...]

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Games – May 2007

May, 2007
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Forza Motorsport 2
No summer season can ever hope to be complete without awesome cars. With this much-anticipated sequel you can take on the challenge of the road minus all the pesky risks and expensive gasoline. Select among over three hundred exotic and muscle-bound vehicles, customize them and then put them to the test [...]

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Movies – May 2007

May, 2007
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Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver the Surfer
Even though the first one in this series didn’t make much of a splash, its sequel nonetheless still has Jessica Alba in it, and if the lithe beauty doesn’t stand for all things summery, we don’t know what does. Together with her three superhero chums, Alba (Susan [...]

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The Winged Tiger in China (May. 2007)

May, 2007
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Ways of Making Meaning –An Overview of Learning Styles

May, 2007
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Further to my first discussion on ways we learn, this topic will continue to investigate learning styles and identify characteristic behaviors of types of learners.

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Singing for Children

May, 2007
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Described by Parents Magazine as “the best voice in children’s music,” Red Grammer is one of the premier children’s entertainers in America. As a featured artist on the 2005 Grammy-winning Best Musical Album for Children, “cEllabration: A Tribute to Ella Jenkins,” now Red is back with “BeBop Your Best! …

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Developing the Virtue of Unity

May, 2007
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Unity may not be the first virtue that comes to mind when we think of developing character in our children. It is not a common virtue spoken of like courtesy or patience. The closest we might come to it is to call our children to cooperation, consideration or tolerance. Yet, unity is one of the most powerful virtues for individual, familial and social growth.

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