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1st Prize Winner (Group I: 9 years & under) - The Thinking Led by a Mosquito

April, 2018
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The Thinking Led by a Mosquito


2017, August 31st, Thursday, sunny

“Mooooooommm”, I whined:“Those stupid mosquitoes have bitten me again! This time it’s worse! I have almost thirty mosquito bites. My legs now look like the kind of disgusting radish rolls with strawberry jam on it that my grandma Anne makes.”

“Aww, you poor thing, I will go get you some medicine and please stop scratching it. You are going to make it worse!”my mom replied. 

When my mom came back with the small bottle of sticky green medicine and a pack of cotton balls to scrub on my legs, she asked me a very simple question which led to some of my serious thinking later. 

As she was scrubbing the medicine on my leg she raised THE QUESTION,“Sula, if you had the power to extinct something, what would you extinct?”

My first reaction is what kind of question is that? 

“Of course it’s the mosquitoes!”I replied immediately without any thinking. 

“Mosquitoes are probably the most disgusting and filthy creature on earth! Even worse! They do no contribution to the earth, all they do is biting people annoyingly!”

“Are you sure? Looks like you do hate them.”said Judy(my mom) in a surprised voice.

Later that night, when my mom tucked me to bed, I could not get a very nice sleep, because the question “are you sure?” kept bugging me in my head.

2017, September, 1st, Friday, cloudy

Today the poor me got bitten by those annoying mosquitoes again! (My legs look like a radish roll with even more strawberry jam!) When I was scratching my itchy mosquito bites impatiently I complained to my classmate Jaqueline. “How could this ewwy-pewy creature exist on earth?”

“But, Sula, they can serve as food to the dragonflies.”

Her words let my thinking go even further. I realized if I extinct the mosquitoes then the dragonflies would die of hunger and if the dragonfly were extinct then the frogs would not have enough food to eat and they would also die, and so and so on. Very soon the food web started to appear into my mind.

At night time, while my mom was making my favorite blueberry pie, we talked about the extinction of mosquitoes again. 

”Mom, if you gave me another chance to choose what I would extinct, it would be different this time.”

“Why? What makes you change your mind? I thought you hate mosquitoes.” She stopped what she was doing and looked at me curiously.

“Because I realized that if I extinct the mosquitoes we might have the food web problem. If one kind of animal were to extinct, it would eventually affect our human life.” 

“It is a really interesting perspective, plus, I didn’t expect you to think so deep about it!” 

“Oh! Of course I will think about it, because I am so thoughtful!”I said with a huge smile that starts from my right ear to my left.

2017, September, 2nd, Saturday, sunny

Today when I woke up, I woke up really early because I was thinking about that question all night. I can’t wait to share my new thoughts with my mom. 

So I quietly crept in my mom and dad’s room and found out that they were snoring so loudly together like two drillers drilling through the wall. “What two naughty ‘drillers’ they are, hope the neighbors don’t start pounding on our doors later!” I carefully walked over to my mom’s side of the bed and while I walked I made sure that I didn’t step on any of the empty coke bottles that my mom drank in the midnight. I sat on my mom’s side of the bed and gently pushed her trying to get her to wake up. 

“Mom, mom! Wake up! I have some really interesting thoughts that I want to share with you!” She turned and twisted around on the bed with her arms flat on the my dad’s mouth and then the legs dangling on the side of the bed. I pushed her even harder. 

“Mom, you must wake up now! I have some really important thought that is much more important than sleeping!” 

She finally woke up with her hair sticking out like a pile of messy straws. “Okay! Okay! Just go and sit outside while I go put on some clothes and comb my hair.” So I walked outside and got two cups and poured some water in it.

10 minutes later probably one of the longest ten minutes in my life she (finally) came out. I rushed over to her and I told her the words that I have longed to tell her. “Mom! You know what, as I told you yesterday we shouldn’t extinct the mosquitoes!” 

“Okay babe, keep your thoughts in mind while we just go and sit down because my legs are getting really tired of standing, they haven’t ‘woke up’ yet.”

Then we sat down and I continued talking. “ I think we should find a way to let them stop drinking blood from us human, so we can first give a shot to the female mosquitoes that would stop them from drinking blood from human anymore. Instead they would drink the liquid from the flowers and plants just like the male mosquitoes do.” 

“Wow! Such a fabulous thought, if you had told me earlier I would rather wake up early to listen to it! I still can’t believe that you, at such a young age could think of it, did your teacher tell you this method?” 

“Oh, of course not, I taught myself this significant lesson.” I said proudly.

At night,I rolled around on my bed not being able to fall asleep, the things happened these three days flashed back into my mind. I realized that I not only taught myself a unique lesson about how to solve the mosquito biting problem but also I taught myself what to do if I ever meet another problem like this. I also realized that if I keep my mind turned on at all times, then I will always be able to use even better ways to fix more complex problems that may actually happen in real life. So this shows that people don’t need to be talented to do amazing things, all we need to do is to keep formulating questions and using many extraordinary ways to solve it.

Also, guess what! My thinking has actually been used in a really good way, me and my mom searched on the internet and found out that some scientists in China and in the US has been trying to figure out this problem in a unique way too!


By Sula Ma,

9 years, Beijing City International School


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