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1st Prize Winner (Group I) - Honey Boy

April, 2016
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I and F. Two little letters but such a big word.
If Neil Armstrong hadn’t gone to the moon, there’d have been no giant leap for mankind.
If Beethoven didn’t find his love for music, our world would be full of rock music.
And if James turned left rather than right, none of this would have ever happened…
“Bang!” the door shut and James started walking home. He had brown hair, dark green eyes, an old green jumper with loose threads, some old jeans and some second hand shoes. James was walking home slowly, feeling alone in the cold New York night. The only thing lighting his way was a single street lamp still going strong. He walked until the street lamp and stopped. He kicked it but then saw something out the corner of his eye. He looked to his left, nothing. Then he looked to his right, there, shining in the road was a bear shaped shadow, he looked at the lamp and saw that that was where the shadow was coming from. James was about to keep walking into the foggy night when something fell into his hands; it was a jar of honey. He didn’t know what, but something felt different, like something was urging him keep the jar.
The next day James was on his way to school when he spotted his best friend, Darcy. She had long brown hair, bright blue eyes, a French beret, a flowery jumper, some old jeans and a pair of trainers.
“Hey, Darcy!” James shouted across the road. Darcy looked over and smiled. James waved, but when he did, orange, goopy honey shot out of his hand and hit Darcy straight in the face. She ran over the road to James. He didn’t quite know what to expect.
“Thanks a lot, I haven’t had breakfast! Where did you get that honey? It’s so sweet and gooey! One more question, why did it shoot out of you hand?” Darcy asked, still licking honey off her face.
“Um…You’re welcome?” James answered.
“You know when I told you in Grade Three that one day we were going to skip school for an important thing that has come up?” Darcy asked.
“Yes,” James answered suspiciously.
“Well, today is that day!” Darcy said and pulled him around the corner and into an alleyway.
“Okay, try anything you want on that wall with your hands and honey and stuff,” Darcy told James.
For the next five hours, James and Darcy stayed in the alleyway trying out some more honey tricks. James had almost controlled all his powers. He knew most of his tricks now. They were about to head home when a loud, grizzly, gruffly voice boomed out of nowhere.
“You must find the Circle of Bears in Central Park. You must stop the Bear Revolution before it’s too late!” Then the voice went away.
“What do you think that means?” Darcy asked curiously.
“I’m not sure but we need to go to Central Park, NOW!” James said anxiously. James and Darcy walked to Central Park. They were looking around for ages and about to give up when they found themselves in an open space. In the area was a big circle and it had carved bears on it. There were five bears, four of them were lit up and the remaining one of them was still grey.
“Do you think that’s it?” asked James.
“Well, it’s a big circle with bears on it. Of course I think that’s it!” Darcy said while rolling her eyes.
“Let’s go, we need to prepare for the attack, or the revolution thingy that voice was talking about,” Darcy explained.
“I think we should camp here, so we won’t miss a thing,” James said.
“I’ll get my tent!” Darcy said.
“Okay, I’ll get two sleeping bags. I’ll meet you back here tonight,” James said. They both ran off in different directions.
That night, Darcy and James met up at the bear circle. They set up their fire, tent and sleeping bags.
“I brought marshmallows!” Darcy cheered.
“Yay! I found a few sticks!” James cheered back. All night Darcy and James sat around the fire toasting marshmallows and singing songs. They did that until their eyes were stinging so much that they felt like they were going to melt!
“Well, we better go to bed, if we’re going to be woken up at three AM,” Darcy yawned.
“Yeah,” James answered. They slumped into their sleeping bags and fell fast asleep…
“GGGGRRRRRR!” Something was outside James and Darcy’s tent. James sat straight up. He peeped out the tent and looked around. Nothing was there, but suddenly a big, black bear sprinted out of the trees. James jumped backwards and fell onto his back, waking up Darcy.
“Th-the….Big…..Loud…Bear!” James stumbled over his words. Darcy peeked out of the tent and saw the bear. She screamed a high pitched, piercing of the ear scream and jumped back too.
The bear jolted his head towards their tent. He slowly crept up on the tent. All was silent. Then all of a sudden…  CCCCHHHHHHHHRRRRRUUUUPPPP, one big, sharp claw tore through the tent. It barely missed James! Darcy was about to scream again but James slapped his cold, numb hand over her mouth.
“Sssshhhh!” James whispered. Darcy took a big, deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment. Then James grabbed her hand and they crept out of the tent. They reached the circle. James didn’t know what he had to do to get the last carved bear to stop lighting up, so he tried a few honey tricks on it. Nothing happened. They were going to run away when they saw they were surrounded by big, grizzly bears. Thirteen of them! The bears were creeping forward. Any second they would attack. James knew he had to do something but he didn’t know what. So he tried one of his tricks. He squirted some goopy, sticky honey at one of the bears. The bear whimpered away. Darcy was hiding behind James as he shot one bear, then two, then three. Soon all thirteen were whimpering away.
“Darcy stay here!” James ordered. He had to follow the big, ferocious bears. James ran off the way the bears had gone.
Darcy was looking out for other bears mumbling: “Why did I agree to do this? (as well as some other words that probably shouldn’t be printed on paper).” 
James was walking back to the circle, when he spotted another bear, creeping up on Darcy. He HAD to do something! He thought long and hard. The bear was running up now! Suddenly, James realised that the bears whimpering away had been a distraction! The bears had out-smarted them! James shot a blast of honey at Darcy. It hit her in the stomach just in time. She flew out of the way and fell onto the floor. The bear pounced, but the only thing he caught was too much air and a bunch of gravel and dirt. James sprinted over to Darcy. She was wincing and in pain on the floor.
“Darcy!” James shouted. Darcy pointed to the bear. He was red with rage. His claws were out, his mouth was dripping with blood and his eyes were small and beady.
“RUN!” Darcy commanded.
“But what about you?!” James asked frantically.
“Just run! I’ll be fine!” Darcy answered. Her nose was bleeding and her eye was bruised. As she expected, the bear went straight past her, all he wanted was the death of this boy.
James started to sprint into the woods, the bear followed.  James was starting to run out of air in his puffing lungs when he spotted a low hanging branch. He jumped up and grabbed the branch. He lifted his legs up. The bear couldn’t stop so quickly so it slowed down and stopped. Then it turned around and started to run towards James. The bear was breathing heavily and even more blood was dripping from its blood-thirsty mouth.
James thought about what he learned. Something about your strongest blast and the heart. He was wasting precious seconds. Time was running out! Suddenly James remembered! Shoot the enemy in the heart with your strongest blast. So, when the bear was meters away and jumping towards James, he had a perfect view of where the bear’s heart was. He let go with one hand and blasted his strongest blast of sticky, gooey, goopy honey at the bear’s heart. James jumped backwards and twisted in the air, he landed on his stomach and knocked the wind out of himself. He turned round slowly and saw the bear was lying on the floor. He still couldn’t breath so he waited a couple minutes. He was about to get up and find Darcy when the bear rose to its feet, angrier than EVER. Blood was dripping from its mouth and it was limping.
James was running as fast as he could back to the circle. The bear was close behind. Darcy was sitting in the middle of the circle making something James couldn’t quite see; as he got closer he saw that it was a bow and arrow.
“DARCY! RUN!” James screamed.
Darcy didn’t listen, she got up and shouted to James, “I won’t let you do this alone!”
James ran over to Darcy and they prepared themselves for the bear attack.
“Okay, Darcy, when the bear appears, on three I’ll blast and you can shoot with your newly made bow and arrow,” James said sternly.
The bear appeared from the trees and growled.
“One, two, three,” James whispered. James and Darcy aimed at the bear and fired, James hit the bear in the heart and Darcy hit him in the stomach. This time the bear fell dead. All was silent except for the pounding of James and Darcy’s hearts. Darcy gave James a really big hug.
“Thanks so much for saving me,” she whispered in James’ ear.
“Come on, let’s go home,” James yawned. James and Darcy walked home slowly, overwhelmed by what had just happened.
The next morning James was waiting on his porch for Darcy. James’ dog came out and James sat down. He sighed and rubbed his dog. Finally, Darcy ran up to his porch. What James didn’t know is that Darcy had been up all night planning this run up to the porch. She told James this: “I have something for you!” Darcy giggled.
“What?” James asked. Darcy blushed a little then, she kissed him on the cheek. She took hold of his hand and dragged him to school.
“Hey James, I was watching the news yesterday and all the channels had our bear extravaganza on it! Although they don’t know it was an attack, they only know that there were lots of bears! We’re famous!” Darcy cheered. James smiled.
That was the moment he knew three things: life was great, the adventurous adventures of Honey Boy were not over and if I had turned left instead of right, none of this would have ever happened!
Now that I think about it, I am glad I turned right.
By Annabel Richmond,
9 years, Beijing City International School
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