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Annie’s Adventure (2nd Prize - Under 9 years)

March, 2013
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Annie’s Adventure

Once upon a time a girl called Annie was riding a boat to Phi Phi Island, then she got swept away with a storm to an unknown island, far far away from her home, which is on Krabi Island in Thailand.

Every day on that island, Annie would go on a hunt for coconuts, mangos and mangosteens.  When she had found at least ten of each then she would climb the big coconut tree to where her tiny tree house was positioned.  One day when she was sleeping with her pet Sahana, the gecko, a huge typhoon struck her island.   The wind carried her and Sahana to another island on the horizon.  When Annie woke up, she was flying in the midair, but her poor gecko fell into the deep blue sea.  Annie decided she would also jump into the sea to save her gecko.  When her feet touched water, a huge lush green water dragon came up to the surface of the water and lifted Annie onto its back.  But the water dragon was going the wrong way, so Annie swam away from the water dragon and saved Sahana just before she was swept away by the salty sea waves.                                                                                           Meanwhile Annie’s family was very worried about her.  Her parents gave all kinds of offerings to the sea god for Annie’s safe return.  They threw 2 fat pigs, 10 plump chickens, even one pretty cow into the Andaman sea.  The heart-broken family had barely anything left to eat.

Finally Annie and Sahana had landed on another island, it was very sad place where there was a sea monster called Evil Black who regularly demanded offerings from the islanders.   January 15, 2012 was their lunar new year when Evil Black would demand offerings consists of kids and pigs.  Each year, Evil Black would terrify the islanders by returning the skeletons of their kids 15 days after the new year.  The islanders were nice to Annie and Sahana, they gave them a dry place to stay and coconut sticky rice cooked in bamboo to eat, even showed Annie how to ride elephants.  Annie quickly made friends with the children of the village and decided to help them fight Evil Black.  Annie had an idea to put explosives in the pigs that would be offered to Evil Black, they also reconstructed real looking “kids” using the skeletons returned by Evil Black and wired the “kids” with explosives as well.  In order not to cause suspicion from Evil Black, Annie convinced the islanders to also tie her up and put her in front of the rest of the “kids”.  

The day had come, there was great panic in the village, islanders were fearful for Annie as well as their own fate.  They watched as Evil Black rose from the deep blue sea, he had a sly smile on his face and his five eyes glistened in the sunlight,  his tongue slithered while he moved slowly to the shore.  The gurgling sound in his tummy sounded like thunder approaching closer and closer.   Evil Black stopped when he saw the crying Annie who was kicking with all her might and shouting: “ I don’t want to die, mommy help me”.   Tears were streaming down her face, at times she gasped like she was fainting.  Sahana stayed quietly in Annie’s pocket, quivering with fear.  Evil Black growled and said to himself: “ ehhhh… let me eat the quiet ones first”.  He walked right passed Annie and with his four gigantic claws, he picked up other nine “kids” and swallowed them whole.  His throat bulged like a puffer fish, but one thousand times bigger and all five of his eyes closed as he thought the delicacy of his offering.  Annie saw her chance, she quickly got out from the rope that was loosely tied around her and the islanders set off the explosives just as Annie run far enough from Evil Black.   “Boom, boom…” the sound of explosion was terrifyingly loud, thick black smoke came out of Evil Black, whose head was now separated from his body which was lying on the sand gushing with blood.   People couldn’t believe their eyes, Evil Black was dead, for good.   The pigs were freed and there were laughters and crying out of excitement all around.  Annie was the heroine who saved the islanders.  Thanks to Annie, the islanders didn’t have to live in fear anymore and their children were safe.

The islanders had a huge celebration, but Annie missed her family very much.  She told them that she would like to return to Krabi Island soon.   The islanders were very grateful for Annie’s courage and bravery, they sent their most experienced sailors to help Annie  and Sahana return to Krabi Island.

Finally Annie came back to Krabi Island. Her family was so happy to see her, they hugged and kissed her almost one thousand times.

By Annie Ming Kowalik

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai



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